[Opencart] Paladin Sitemap generator 1.9.2


Автор: Opencart

Название: Paladin Sitemap generator 1.9.2

Installation Instructions:

1) Unzip PSG-ver(X.X.X).zip archive in folder of your choice. After extracting the archive you will find "vqmod" and "upload" folder, readme docs.

2) If you have already VQMod installed, please skip to step 6.

3) If you don't have installed VqMod to your system, please copy vqmod folder which is OUTSIDE "upload" folder to your server root directory.

4) Backup your index.php and admin/index.php files.

5) Open your favorite browser and navigate to your to complete the installation.

6) Upload the files from the "upload-X.X.X" to your server in the Root directory.

7) Login in your admin panel and navigate to: Extension -> Modules

8) Click on install button of Paladin SEO - Sitemap Generator

9). Enter your registration data - order ID and Domain, where you want use PSG